Wine Food & Tiles

Under the auspices of ceramist Suzana Barros, we held tile painting workshops for groups of 10 to 20 guests.

Taking tiles as a starting point, striking elements of our artistic heritage that enhance the decoration of the Tágide Restaurant room, guests will decorate and personalize tiles.

The pieces will go into the muffle furnace and will be ready for collection or shipping in a few days. This activity is accompanied by a wine tasting paired with 2 gastronomic notes and can be complemented with dinner in our Gastrobar by previously selecting a group menu or a custom menu.

Painting Tiles Menu

Glass of Tágide selection white wine paired with cod pastry
Glass of cherry from Óbidos paired with custard tart
Duration 2,5h
From Tuesday to Friday
Time to be defined between 3:30 pm and 6:00 pm
Value €450 for 10 guests
Above 10 guests, €35 per person will be added

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Painting Tiles

Tiles arrived in Portugal during the period of Moorish occupation, between the 8th and 13th centuries. Influenced by Islamic art, tiles were initially used to decorate palaces and religious buildings. The 20th century witnessed the continued use of tiles in modern buildings, both in decorative and functional applications, and today tiles remain an integral part of Portugal's cultural identity in historic buildings and contemporary works of art.

The Tágide Restaurant is part of this great Portuguese tradition, and after the 1755 earthquake devastated a large part of the convent where the restaurant is located, it was remodeled with a modern and refined decoration that highlights the old tile panels, the magnificent chandeliers and the classic stone fountains that are part of the original construction.

The decoration of the hall is reminiscent of the nymphs that inhabit the Tagus and is marked by the presence of seven figures that represent the gods of classical mythology, emphasizing their martial character and corresponding to the rulers of ancient kingdoms (Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto) and the divinities that govern war (Mars, Vulcan, Hercules). In addition to these, there are around 10 panels depicting medallions with festoons of flowers and fruit.

Come and be part of this rich tradition and get involved for 2 hours with our group tile painting workshop, where you can book for a minimum of 10 people. You'll have the opportunity to create your own works of art on two 15x15cm tiles and all the necessary materials will be provided, including paints and brushes. During the workshop, you can indulge in our bread made by our chefs, with the best extra virgin olive oil from our suppliers, while tasting the best wine from the region to complement the whole experience.

Lisbon Tiles

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Lisbon tile
Lisbon tile
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